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 PLEASE NOTE: We will not be holding a January 2012 cutting at Butter Spur Feedlot.

Winner of the Rider Roo-hide Brumby Saddle
pictured left to right: John Burgun, Carol Jenkins, Al Dunning, "Wheres My Chex",
CH De Haan - rider, Ross Jenkins

Winner of the Horse Roo-hide Brumby Saddle
John Burgun,  "Crossing Red River", David Booth - rider, Carol Jenkins, Ross Jenkins

The Crew of ButterSpur Cutting
Dean Hendrickson, Tina Shaw, Patrick Jenkins, Sheri Akins, Billy Mello, Kathy Cardon, Ross Jenkins, Carol Jenkins, Monica Petite, Tommy Laurin, Ted Petite
Larry Pestorich-not pictured


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